Top Services of a Quality Inbound Marketing Agency

Inbound marketing agencyDigital marketing today is a multi-levered process which involves marketing integrated campaigns over multiple platforms and channels. For this reason, partnering with an inbound marketing agency that provides expertise in many different marketing areas is wise.

You may wonder, though, what services you can expect from a quality inbound marketing agency. Here are some core offerings for which you should look when choosing your agency partner:

1) Initial and ongoing market research

A good digital agency will have knowledge of your industry and a deep understanding of your target audience. Without this, an agency is unable to design personalized, targeted campaigns that lead to conversions. So, look for an agency that can help you flesh out
buyer personas or can fully understand the buyer personas you have already developed.

2) Expertise with paid media

For many businesses, a substantial part of the marketing budget is allocated to paid media like Google AdWords, search and display advertising, and PPC campaigns.
Forbes notes that paid media “calls for an extremely well-thought-out plan and execution. A high quality inbound marketing agency will have experts in paid media on staff to help you craft a strategy that increases conversions while keeping costs in check at the same time.

3) Content marketing know-how

At its
core, digital marketing revolves around creating content that attracts, converts, closes, and delights your customers. A quality inbound marketing agency creates content appropriate to multiple digital marketing channels, weaving your marketing message throughout every piece of content to bolster your brand and win advocates over. An agency can help you create multiple types of content, including:

  • blog posts
  • ebooks
  • video content
  • podcasts

4) Website traffic director

Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. A strong digital marketing agency can help you optimize your website and increase traffic to it. An agency can analyze how your site is working right now, and make suggestions for improvement that will result in better leads and more conversions over time.

5) Social media strategy

Hootsuite lists a variety of reasons social media marketing is important. Social media marketing:

  • gives you a clearer picture of your audience and a way to engage with them
  • enables you to reach both a local and global audience
  • improves your customer service initiatives
  • increases brand awareness

A quality inbound marketing agency will have staff on tap to handle your social media market strategy. An agency can easily analyze what you are doing now and make suggestions that will fire up your social media followers and lead to increased conversions.

6) Conversion optimization across the board

Digital marketing is not just about generating traffic. At its best, it is about building relationships with your target audience that lead to conversion. An inbound marketing agency will make continual assessments of your conversion rates and optimize the parts of your strategy that need a bit more tweaking. Such an agency knows which levers to pull to prompt increased conversions, and will work with you to keep those levers in play.

7) Measurement of everything

A strong inbound marketing agency will put a lot of emphasis on performance measuring. Agency reps will analyze each piece of content and every part of your campaigns to see where there are successes and failures. By setting benchmarks and measuring progress, your digital agency can prove the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Inbound marketing agency

8) Expertise with marketing automation

With decisions firmly based on market research into buyer behavior, a quality inbound marketing agency will automate your messaging to create more traffic and reclaim abandoned shopping carts. Thus,
marketing automation gets your message to the right audience at the right time via the right marketing platform.

Partnering with the Right Inbound Marketing Agency

Taking into account the considerable advantages that a good inbound marketing agency can provide, it only makes sense to find an agency that works well for you. Connection Model is a
certified Hubspot Platinum agency partner trusted by clients in a variety of industries.

Connection Model believes in the power of relationship building through excellent digital marketing strategy, and we are ready to discuss your marketing needs.
Request an assessment today to get that discussion underway.


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