Why Is Everything at HubSpot Wrapped in Tin? It’s Our Year in Review 2016


HubSpot reached its 10-year milestone in 2016. And as tradition holds, the tenth anniversary calls for a gift of tin. Yes, just like the thing you carry your breath mints in. Tin’s strong yet pliable nature represents the flexibility and fortitude needed in any lasting relationship.

And that got us thinking.

Flexibility is really about a whole lot more. It’s about being open. To change, to compromise, and to cooperation. It’s means facing adversity and responding quickly. Regardless of circumstance or condition. Flexibility is not about being unbreakable. Or having all the answers.

Flexibility favors the future and bends towards it.

This past year, we heard the call for inbound to change. Again. We responded to marketing and sales needs by delivering our customers the growth stack. We opened our doors to new destinations, and our eyes to new design.

We’re not entirely sold on every traditional anniversary theme, but we think tin suits HubSpot’s 2016 just right. Flexible, indeed.

Take a look at HubSpot’s Year in Review 2016 and you’ll find yourself among it. Because, after all, HubSpot wouldn’t exist without each of you in the global community dedicated to making business more human and helpful.

Year in Review 2016


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