Here’s Why Your Digital Marketing Should Be Personal

Digital marketingMost enterprises wholeheartedly believe they know exactly what their customers want. However, is that knowledge supported by actual data, or is it based on assumptions, opinions and mere guesswork? Driving your digital marketing strategies on hunches rarely works. You need to ditch your gut feeling and go with the data at your fingertips. Here’s why your digital marketing should be personal.

A Personalized Approach: Simplifies Your Strategy

A personalized digital marketing message resonates with customers. It demonstrates your in-depth knowledge of what customers want at the time they want it. Today’s audiences aren’t interested in a static message. They won’t gravitate to brands that can’t convey that message in a way that speaks to their fears, concerns, likes, dislikes and interests. 

A personalized digital marketing message simplifies your entire marketing strategy because it removes the uncertainty and guesswork so often relied upon by digital marketing teams that fail to generate leads. Don’t be one of those companies that relies upon guesswork. Digital marketing is quickly becoming an exact science, one where companies rely upon data to improve their predictive analytics models. In the end, it’s about being proactive and involved, instead of reactive and out of touch. 

Improves Your Big Data Gathering Techniques

So, how does a company produce a personalized message? Well, it comes from your big data marketing sources. You know what customers like and dislike based on what they buy and when they buy. You know what content works best and which corporate videos have the highest viewership and retention rates. 

Your digital marketing and advertising strategies work with different customers based on how those customers interact with your website, which mobile apps they download, what they search for online, what they click on with different landing pages and how they view your brand on social media. 

Customers are also providing you with personalized data with the clicks they perform on your email marketing campaigns. If you improve how you use your data, then you improve how and when you deliver the right message to the right individual. The more accurate and personalized that message, the more likely you’ll generate new business opportunities. 

Clarifies Your Buyer Personas

The more knowledge you have on your buyer personas, the more personalized your message and the more likely you are to increase opportunities. Your buyer personas hold the keys to your business growth. Digital marketing teams that deliver personalized messages thoroughly understand their buyer personas. They know what motivates these individuals to act and they leverage that knowledge across all their online activities. The best enterprises see it as a never-ending process, one where personalized marketing feeds more accurate data back into the fold which in turn improves the next message. 

Digital marketing

Provides Greater Insight into Emerging Trends

Getting up close and personal with your customers will improve your overall knowledge of your market while simplifying how you remain abreast of emerging trends. Personalized content through your website, social media, and email campaigns works because it speaks to what your customers want and need right now. In fact, according to Forbes’s Publish or Perish webinar, over 380 Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and other high-level marketing executives see personalization as the main reason why they’re achieving double digital marketing returns. 

Don’t think a personalized message is possible with all the customers your company services? When managed properly, you can provide a unique and engaging message to each of your customers that resonates only with them. Your data holds the keys, but only if you use it. 

If you need guidance on how to come up with a more personalized digital marketing strategy that will resonate with your customers, contact us. You can request an assessment that will help you move forward in a positive way.


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